Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-spoof

spidermanHi all,

Screenings are a big part of every anime convention experience, and we are happy to announce that local filmmakers Saorise O’Connor and Mikey Casey will be debuting their fan-film the Marvelous Spiderman at BroCon this year. The film is comedy fan-flick parody of the Spiderman franchise.

“The Marvellous Spiderman (get it?) is a comedy fan film which takes spidermans origin story and completely flips it upside down. During a press tour of Oscorp industries, the company that has everyone thinking “what do they actually do?” young photographer Peter Parker is bitten by a super spider and given incredible spider powers, but when rival reporter Eddie Brock, finds an evil alien symbiote suit at Oscorp only bad things can happen. This crazy comedy film combines spiderman with both the Marvel and DC universes, with a bunch of nerdy references, and even a cameo from a certain someone. The Marvellous Spiderman (get it?) is Directed by Saoirse O Connor, Written by Mikey Casey, and stars Mikey Casey as Peter Parker, Olivia O’Malley as Gwen Stacy, Conor Foy as Eddie Brock, Stephen Clancy as Uncle Ben,James Corr as Harry Osbourne , Saoirse O Connor as J.Jonah Jameson, Ross Dunworth and Derek Williams as everyones favourite Avengers,Brandon Nash, Megan Hourigan, Kalin Foy and Jack McKeon as the cities innocent civillians. And Tom Holland as no one. The Marvellous Spiderman(Get It) is a fun film for superhero fans everywhere. Imagine if Kung Fury and Guardians of the Galaxy had a baby- you’d get this movie”

It is great to have some local talent displayed at the convention, and we are more than happy to give the guys the platform to show off their work. Please come along and show them your support. The film will show at 11am Sunday the 12th in the screenings room upstairs.

Also folks, the UFC PS4 rules are now up on the consoles page, so if you are interested in participating, check them out.

Stay tuned to the site; big news for cosplayers coming tomorrow.

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