Videogames at BroCon 2012

Hey guys. As usual we will have two big rooms at BroCon 2012 filled with consoles and games of all eras.

Between what we will have from our Games Society’s inventory and equipment loaned from staff and others, we will have a great selection of stations set up but if you are able to bring any additional games  consoles, peripherals, fun multiplayer games, TVs both old and new to loan us for the weekend, that would be even better. All equipment will be securely locked with our own at night and supervised by staff but be sure to label or otherwise identify what you bring and know that you do so at your own risk. If you’re able to help make ours the most jampacked videogames area it can be, drop a line to Videogames Manager Gearóid at


Games will be available to play all through the weekend, and as usual we will be running tournaments, with eleven competitive events this year. For the shooter enthusiasts we will have competitions in Modern Warfare, Uncharted 3 and Halo Reach, and for those who prefer to let your fists do the work (or swords, or fireballs) we will have Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur V, Super Smash Bros Brawl and Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3 to get your hands on. If speed’s your game there will be of course some Mario Kart, and for a bit of classic flare, Crash Team Racing. If you’d prefer to take things slow and strategic, we will be running Gen V Pokémon matches, so bring your Nintendo DSes.

Looking to flex some long forgotten gaming muscles? This year we will be running a special event to determine who will be crowned the Iron Man of Classic Games. It will be a medley of old school games from when the number of bits were more important than dimensions. Time trials, score attacks, leaderboards and mini-elimination arcades galore, in a selection of games that will be announced closer to the date, so get practising for anything.

All touranaments formats and rulesets can be found on our console gaming page, and be sure to check back on the website, as well as our Twitter page (@ULBroCon) and Facebook page (/ulbrocon) for updates on this and all the other good stuff happening at BroCon 2012. Have fun.

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