The show must go on

66It’s finally over, and we all made it out alive…I think. That puts a wrap on another awesome BroCon, and we hope you all thoroughly enjoyed it. We certainly had a great time and can’t wait to put on another great show for you all next July 8-10. Games were played, con swag bought, and smiles shown, and we have many people to thank for it.

First and foremost, our attendees. Without the attendees the show is nothing and without their contribution, support, and energy the show could not go on. We are also very fortunate to have a great audience year in and year out who respect and love the con and make a great place for us to work.

The staff! Easily the best staff I have ever worked with for anything. This year’s set-up and tear down was as efficient as I have ever seen at a con, and I was mightily impressed by what such a small group people achieved on our behalf Friday and Sunday. All heads were high and firmly screwed on, and they really trucked on with a great work ethic. I’d highly recommend each and every one of them.

The committee are the ones that get the wheels turning each year and keep it running right through to the next. This year’s committee in particular were very impressive in my opinion, and I was very fortunate for the people I got to work with. We got many thanks already, but I would like to make note on the record that 70% of our committee this year were first year’s who had never ran a con before, and many only attended their first con during the year. It’s a testament to their drive and willpower, and I hope they will all come back next year to do it all again.

Our guests. Kyle, War Panda and Diamanda were all great guests to have, and the fans seemed to really enjoy their time and company. Panels were at an all time high, in particular those from the guests. And though she could not be with us, we send our best to Pixi Styxx and wish her a speedy recovery.

The traders an artists are certainly not forgotten. We had a great bunch this year, and from the shopping bags I saw all over the hall it looks like many a success was had. We did our best to make them feel at ease and well cared for, and we hope they all felt as such. The donations for the charity auction were outstanding and helped raise an impressive sum for a great cause. We would be honored to have you all back next year. A special mention within this particular group goes to Evan Kennedy and Ken Coleman who did a lot of work to help promote us throughout the year and still do. We are highly appreciate of the continued support you guys share.

Those who gave support from the college and outlying communities in Limerick. The Gathering, I Love Limerick, Pieta House, Easons, GameStop, the Sports Bar, UL Sport, the Students Union, and so many others. Special mentioned here though goes to Darragh Hogan who literally turned the PESS building into our home for the weekend and provided unmeasurable support to the convention as a whole. Above and beyond the line of duty, he is a great friend to us all and we thank him greatly.

And last but not least, we would like to thank Colm Lundberg and Green Ronin games for giving us the streaming material for this year’s event, and helping to try and spread the word of BroCon internationally as well. We were happy to give a home to Colm and Love 2 Hate over the years and look forward to what he brings to us next.

There are too many people to count in thanks, so I hope I remembered you all. To anyone I have not mentioned, you know you deserve thanks, and so know that you have it, now and always. We can’t wait to see everyone again next year. And tomorrow we will be setting up a feedback method to get your thoughts on ideas for next year, to make it the best year ever.


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