Sword and Board

Hi all,

Exciting news today, as pre-registration for BroCon is now open! As announced last Wednesday via social networking, you can get your tickets for BroCon 2016 right here. It is going to be an exciting year with many great things, so get your tickets while they are hot.

Also, as a tradition of something we have done over the years, for one night only, you can buy tickets to BroCon at their online price live in cash at BrOccasion this coming April 9th. For many of you who do not have PayPal available to you this may be your best chance to secure tickets early for BroCon. Make sure to avail of the cheaper pre-reg. price.

And that is not all the news we have for you, as on-campus accommodation booking for BroCon are now open also! For many traveling to the convention staying on campus is both easier and cheaper than booking into hotels, and so we bring you this option once again for BroCon 2016. If you would like to book a room on campus for the convention, look no further than right here.

A few things to note before I sign off here guys; if you are booking either tickets or rooms for this year’s event, please take time to read the respective pages and make your bookings correctly so neither you nor us get left out in the cold over a mistake. Similarly, be sure to head over and read up on the BroCon Cancellation Policy, just incase of the most unfortunate circumstance that you have to change your plans leading up to summer. Again, it is for the good of us both, so read up, and they get booked in before it is too late.

Pre-reg. ticket sales will remain opened until June 10th, while accommodation booking will remain open until June 24th.

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