Keeping up to date

Hi all,

Just a few updates for every one as the con draws ever closer. There has been a very slight change with panels on the timetable, so be sure to head over here to check that out.

The majority of event information is now on the sight, including traders (page WIP), consoles, cards, RPGs, and screenings. Panels are a little behind as some panelists want to revise their blurbs, so keep an eye out for those soon, and we will make a post when they are ready to go.

Also don’t forget, if you need accommodation for the con then book now, as bookings will close soon.

Live 2 Hate

Hi guys,

Love-2-Hate-logoYou might all remember, but last year we started a tradition of doing a special guest live feed through Twitch. Last year, Paul St. Peter and our other guests, as well as a few attendees, sat down for a game of Cards Against Humanity, which we streamed live.

This year we are keeping the tradition alive, but with a little difference. This year, Kyle Hebert, Christina Eshelman, War Panda, Pixi Styxx, and Diamanda Hagan will sit down to play Love 2 Hate with the games creator, Colm Lundberg. Published by Green Ronin games, Love 2 Hate is a party game for inappropriate people. It’s simple; play a card, choose love or hate, and let the fun begin! Colm will also be demoing the game across the course of the weekend.

If you would like to tune in to the stream, be you at the convention or not, check out our Twitch stream channel at approximately 6pm GMT on Saturday July 11th, and let the madness ensue.


Hey guys,

The timetable for the convention is now finalized and live! You can click in the see it below, or you can click on timetable in the toolbar above. This is of course subject to change, but is unlikely to at the present day in time. So start planning your weekend; it is almost upon us.

Click into the image to see full size


Time is of the essence

We are only three weeks out from the con now. The list of event details on the site are nearly complete now. Our full list of panels and traders will be out tomorrow, but other than that all of the other events information for now should be on their respective pages.

Most importantly however, the full timetable for the convention will be going live in the next 24hrs. The schedule is jam-packed, and we think you guys are going to love it, so stay tuned and get ready to plan your weekend.

Ghost in the Machine

NetHeroNetrunner is set the make its first appearance at BroCon this year. We are very excited about what looks to be an excellent turnout for this event, and have some great prizes set up for it. The full details are over at the card gaming page under the gaming tab, however the simple jist of it is there will be a €5 entry and the event will use the standard Fantasy Flight tournament rules. Note also that this event will take place on the Saturday of the con.

And while you are here, the console section of the website is now complete with full details. Get button bashing and prepare for some great events. See you all in 4 weeks.

Button bashing

Hi all,

You will notice that our console section now has full details for almost all of our console events for this year. There are two events still waiting on confirmations for details, but these will be available shortly as well.

If you have any questions, please direct them to


Eternal War

Hi all,

First and foremost, thanks to all that pre-booked tickets for the con. It was a hectic week to get it all sorted, and you would think now would be calm, however as it were, there is only war.

Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k will return to BroCon this year. Both will begin Saturday morning with Fantasy running for the day while 40k runs for the weekend. Details of these events and how you can sign up for them can be found below.

imagesWarhammer 40,000 will take place over the course of the weekend this year, with 3 games taking place on Saturday and 2 taking place on Sunday. Details for the format will be as follows:

– Points: 1650pts
– Games: 5
– Entry: €5

If you are interested in entering the 40k tournament this year, please head over to the Wargaming Ireland website to sign-up with the TO and download the full rulespack that contains details on army restrictions and mission briefings.

Warhammer-LogoWarhammer Fantasy will take place on the Saturday of the con this year, with 4 games taking place throughout the day. Details for the format will be as follows:

– Points: 1600pts
– Games: 4
– Entry: €5

If you are interested in entering the WHFB tournament this year, please head over to the Wargaming Ireland website to sign-up with the TO and download the full rulespack that contains details on army restrictions and scenario briefings.

The final countdown

Just a big reminder to everyone that the clock is ticking; all submissions with the exception of accommodation are due tonight. Get your tickets and/or submissions for the trade hall in now before it is too late. With these details locked down then, we can finalize the timetable which will be available next week. The ticket-holders’ competition will also begin next week.

In the meantime stay tuned for more details of events; we will have the full details of our 40k events tomorrow with the rest of consoles Sunday.

Tick tock

Just a reminder to everyone that all applications for staff and the trade hall close Friday. If you applied for staff you have heard from us by now, and if you applied for the trade hall you will here from us then. If neither of the above apply to you, Friday is also the day that pre-registration closes. You get a great deal on pre-reg this year so it is fully worth ordering your tickets in advance to get the discount, free goodies, and knowledge that you are one step closer to all the great events we have lined up for you this year. Get them while they last.

More on the consoles later this week guys.


MKXScorpion01Mortal Kombat came back in a big way this year with the critically acclaimed MKX, and we will be honouring its return to glory with two Mortal Kombat events over the course of the weekend. The main event of course will be the MKX fighting tournament. This is a standard bracketed fighter tournament, using the EVO rules for MKX, which are very simple and as follows:

– Game version: PlayStation 4
– Game Settings: Versus Mode, 2/3 Games, 99 Seconds
– If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.

The entry for his tournament will be €2 (subject to change) and the winner will get a prize, as well as the glory of saving Earth Realm.

As a secondary event, we will also be running the Test Your Might challenge. Challenge other competitors the see who can break the most objects and raise highest on the ladder.

To top it off, our guest War Panda is well known for her Scorpion cosplay, so who knows, she might just make it in her gear from the Netherrealm.