Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-spoof

spidermanHi all,

Screenings are a big part of every anime convention experience, and we are happy to announce that local filmmakers Saorise O’Connor and Mikey Casey will be debuting their fan-film the Marvelous Spiderman at BroCon this year. The film is comedy fan-flick parody of the Spiderman franchise.

“The Marvellous Spiderman (get it?) is a comedy fan film which takes spidermans origin story and completely flips it upside down. During a press tour of Oscorp industries, the company that has everyone thinking “what do they actually do?” young photographer Peter Parker is bitten by a super spider and given incredible spider powers, but when rival reporter Eddie Brock, finds an evil alien symbiote suit at Oscorp only bad things can happen. This crazy comedy film combines spiderman with both the Marvel and DC universes, with a bunch of nerdy references, and even a cameo from a certain someone. The Marvellous Spiderman (get it?) is Directed by Saoirse O Connor, Written by Mikey Casey, and stars Mikey Casey as Peter Parker, Olivia O’Malley as Gwen Stacy, Conor Foy as Eddie Brock, Stephen Clancy as Uncle Ben,James Corr as Harry Osbourne , Saoirse O Connor as J.Jonah Jameson, Ross Dunworth and Derek Williams as everyones favourite Avengers,Brandon Nash, Megan Hourigan, Kalin Foy and Jack McKeon as the cities innocent civillians. And Tom Holland as no one. The Marvellous Spiderman(Get It) is a fun film for superhero fans everywhere. Imagine if Kung Fury and Guardians of the Galaxy had a baby- you’d get this movie”

It is great to have some local talent displayed at the convention, and we are more than happy to give the guys the platform to show off their work. Please come along and show them your support. The film will show at 11am Sunday the 12th in the screenings room upstairs.

Also folks, the UFC PS4 rules are now up on the consoles page, so if you are interested in participating, check them out.

Stay tuned to the site; big news for cosplayers coming tomorrow.

Guests; food for thought!

Hi all,

With the con less than a week I thought it a good time to tell you about some of the new things in the hall this year. As you might have seen on the floorplan we have a specific guest area set aside. The guest will be in and out of here throughout the day when they don’t have events or panels, but it should be pretty easy to catch them. Kyle Hebert will be doing signings for free but will also be selling head shots if anybody is interested in some prints to get signed. The girls War Panda and Pixi Styxx will also be around to sell prints for the RSPCA. This is a red rope section and we would ask that if there is a large group waiting for a guest to line up in and orderly fashion and not block walkways as otherwise people may be asked to move on and come back later. Safety first.

We also have the return of both the BroCon Maid Cafe and Dungeons and Donuts this year, and they will be set up side by side in what might be known as the BroCon food court. The best treats around with something great to wash it down, on what is bound to be a hot weekend. And if you would like a spot of lunch during the day, the cafe in the venue will be opened this year as well selling sandwiches and the like. Never say we made you go hungry!

Can’t wait to see everyone next week.

More updates

Hi all,

Just a few more event updates for you all. Starting with some bad news unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Warhammer Fantasy Battle event due to a severe lack of demand from the public.

We are also adding another event to the Demo Day. Mark White will be doing demos of the Batman miniatures game in the main hall starting Friday at 4pm. Everyone is welcome to try the game out and Mark is more than happy to teach.

Lastly, if you are intending to enter our Magic pre-release, you should head over the special event page on Facebook and RSVP so our TO knows you are attending. Knowing numbers in advance can help toward having a smoother event, so be sure to head over an RSVP.

Action Man

Bad fanfics? Silly voices? Free cake? Do you enjoy these things? We have them at the Man of Action panel!

*We do not have cake.

They are not the panel that you deserve, but they are the panel you are going to get. Man of Action return to BroCon this year to join the fray with their usual batch of silliness and hilarity. Let havoc wreak; it’s going to be a blast.

*They really don’t have cake.


Hi all,

Just a quick update for everyone for now. We are adding two more events to the roster. On Saturday at 3pm we are going to be running a UFC tournament on PS4 to coincide (sort of) with the McGregor/Aldo fight. Also, due to some last minute demand Niall Finn of Akumacon is going to be running a Cardfight Vanguard tournament on Sunday at 2pm. These will likely be added to the timetable shortly.

For full details of these events, keep an eye on the console and card games sections of the site respectively, and we will also make a post once they are up.

Cheers everyone.

Plan your weekend!

Hi all,

As promised, the floor plans are now up. You will find overall venue floor plans as well the layout for the trade hall floor. Print outs will also be available on the day and in the convention booklet also.

Check it out here.

Cards under the table

Hi guys,

Just a quick note to apologize. A glitch in our site reset our Card Gaming page to an earlier version without event details, so anyone looking for those details in the last few days might not have been able to find them. This has now been rectified so you will find all the details on the Magic Pre-release, Yu-Gi-Oh, Marvel Dice Masters and Netrunner on that page now.

Also thanks to those who booked accommodation. Bookings are now closed. Your PayPal is your receipt and your friend.


Filling formalities

Hi all,

With accommodation closing tonight, it seems like the perfect time to confirm procedures for ticket holders and those who have booked accommodation alike. For those who have booked accommodation, simply head to Drumroe Village reception and give your name or the name of the PayPal account holder who paid for your room. We will have the route to reception well sign posted from both the UL front gate and the venue. Note we do not give out room keys at the main venue.

For all ticket holders, the process is the same. Simply approach the pre-reg. desk at the main venue reception and give your name or that of the person who bought your ticket. You will then be given your pass and bag. This applied to those who pre-booked tickets, those who won tickets throughout the year, those entitled to press passes, those entitled to half-price entry due to running panels, and those who won free entry to certain events at BrOccasion. For anyone entering the LAN, you will still have to pick up your main pass at the main venue before heading over to the SU.

Lastly, while there is plenty of parking on the grounds of UL, there is none directly next to the venue, so please don’t drive up to our front door guys. The road down to the venue is for trader access only.

Floorplans will be up tomorrow, so stay tuned, and run ever with the pack.

Tickets Please!

218894-zelda_sotg_tourHi guys,

We are only 2 weeks out from the con now and we would like to remind everyone about our awesome Zelda giveaway. “Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses” is touring with their live orchestra and have given us two sets of tickets to giveaway for their Dublin show on November 22 at the Convention Center. This is an event not to missed, and getting to hear your favourite Zelda scores live is as simple as ever.

In order to be in for a chance to win two tickets to see the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess, come to the convention and enter our Super Smash Bros and/or cosplay masquerade to be in with a chance to get your hands on these. Tickets are selling out fast and so these will be highly coveted.

Don’t miss out; come to BroCon to get your chance to see Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess.

If you would like to buy tickets to Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses you can buy them here.

The Way of the Voice

*cue Skyrim music*

Hi all,

Full panel lists bar one are in, and can be found at the over at our panels page now. Details of the Pixi Styxx solo panel are yet to come but will be available very, very shortly. Times for the panels can be found in the official timetable here.

Also don’t forget to book your accommodation, as booking ends Monday. Also if you are a ticket holder watch out for the too-long awaited ticket holder competition on Facebook.