Journies After Dark

kenHi all,

For those of you who attended last year, you might remember our more mature initiative, BroCon After Dark. Well BroCon After Dark is back this year with some more events. We start with the pub quiz Friday night, and continue Saturday night with Werewolf, You Don’t Know Jack, and God Hates Charades. The most important event however is the charity auction Saturday night in aid of Pieta House suicide prevention.

The auction is fueled by the generous donations of the everyday person, and a lot of these come from the artists, traders and guests each year, but also the attendees. We have some great stuff already signed up to auction and there are more to come. Ken Coleman has created a great art piece which you can see above that will be auctioned off as a one off piece. We have our custom card mats thrown in as well. But the most generous donation so far is from an old friend, Neal ‘Bubbles’ McNamara, who has donated his convention guitar for the auction. The guitar has been played across the country in conventions as part of the infamous Man of Action panel, and has signings from several great guests from cons over the past few years, including Steve Blum, Spike Spencer, Patrick Seitz, Paul St. Peter and David Vincent, among many others. This is a great piece and will be highly sought after. It will also be played for the last time by the current owner during Man of Action before the auction.

So be sure to hit up BroCon After Dark this year, have fun, and give something back for charity. Every little helps.

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