Guests; food for thought!

Hi all,

With the con less than a week I thought it a good time to tell you about some of the new things in the hall this year. As you might have seen on the floorplan we have a specific guest area set aside. The guest will be in and out of here throughout the day when they don’t have events or panels, but it should be pretty easy to catch them. Kyle Hebert will be doing signings for free but will also be selling head shots if anybody is interested in some prints to get signed. The girls War Panda and Pixi Styxx will also be around to sell prints for the RSPCA. This is a red rope section and we would ask that if there is a large group waiting for a guest to line up in and orderly fashion and not block walkways as otherwise people may be asked to move on and come back later. Safety first.

We also have the return of both the BroCon Maid Cafe and Dungeons and Donuts this year, and they will be set up side by side in what might be known as the BroCon food court. The best treats around with something great to wash it down, on what is bound to be a hot weekend. And if you would like a spot of lunch during the day, the cafe in the venue will be opened this year as well selling sandwiches and the like. Never say we made you go hungry!

Can’t wait to see everyone next week.

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