For all of you that don’t know¬†a LAN is a gathering in which gamers gather to share a local area network (LAN) and participate in extended gaming sessions of popular games.

Brocon this year includes a LAN session for the first time. We will have lots of mini games, spot prizes and two big competition as well.

This is a standard LAN; own network cable, power strip, etc. One monitor only. No speakers. Email with any queries or requests.


Minecraft: Race For Wool.

– 2v2 format
– Approx. hour per game
– Quarters, semis, final

League of Legends


– Last country standing


– 2 hours
– Best score wins

There will also be plenty of continuous free play events such as the Minecraft base building challenge.


2 Responses to LAN

  1. hey is anyone able to take part in the LAN matches and do u need your own pc?? thanks

    • Hi Connor,

      The LAN is like any of our events; anyone may enter but there may be a small fee. And yes, you need your own computer.


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