With the success of last year’s inaugural LAN party, we have decided to keep it going and have it return this year, with more games, and more opportunities. Expect some hard competition and friendly fun all the same, as we change our focus to Esports. Details to come in the coming months, but here are a list of some of the games we will have for you to enter.

hearthstone1Hearthstone Fireside Gathering

Going from strength to strength, Blizzard’s card game will return to BroCon this year with a whole new host of events fit for any fireside gathering. In fact, that is exactly what will be happening. This year’s hearthstone event at BroCon will be an official Blizzard sanctioned Fireside Gathering, meaning a host of official prize support and a chance to qualify for the world championships.

The event will use the new Conquest format, the detail of which can be downloaded in PDF form here. The rough breakdown however can be seen below:

– All matches will be best-of-5. The first player to win 3 games within the match is considered the winner of the match and advances.
– Each player must submit decklists from three unique classes prior to each stage of the event. Players may submit new decks prior to each stage of the event.
– A player must win one game with each of his three decks to win the match.
– When a player wins a game, the deck used by the winning player cannot be used for the remainder of the match.
– The losing player can keep the same deck used or switch to a different one of their choice.
– Players will be told what classes their opponent has available, but they won’t know which class is picked until both players have picked.

Matches after the first will be paired by swiss. Timetable will follow soon.

signup_logo2League of Legends

As probably the most popular component to LAN gaming these days, it is probably no surprise that League of Legends will return this year for a LAN event at BroCon.

headerDOTA 2

Though very popular in the LAN scene, DOTA has yet to appear at BroCon, and so this will be its debut event for us. Expect great things ahead.

csCounter Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO will be having a go this year at BroCon, for a change of pace to the normal way of things. Details to follow.

2 Responses to LAN

  1. hey is anyone able to take part in the LAN matches and do u need your own pc?? thanks

    • Hi Connor,

      The LAN is like any of our events; anyone may enter but there may be a small fee. And yes, you need your own computer.


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