Filling formalities

Hi all,

With accommodation closing tonight, it seems like the perfect time to confirm procedures for ticket holders and those who have booked accommodation alike. For those who have booked accommodation, simply head to Drumroe Village reception and give your name or the name of the PayPal account holder who paid for your room. We will have the route to reception well sign posted from both the UL front gate and the venue. Note we do not give out room keys at the main venue.

For all ticket holders, the process is the same. Simply approach the pre-reg. desk at the main venue reception and give your name or that of the person who bought your ticket. You will then be given your pass and bag. This applied to those who pre-booked tickets, those who won tickets throughout the year, those entitled to press passes, those entitled to half-price entry due to running panels, and those who won free entry to certain events at BrOccasion. For anyone entering the LAN, you will still have to pick up your main pass at the main venue before heading over to the SU.

Lastly, while there is plenty of parking on the grounds of UL, there is none directly next to the venue, so please don’t drive up to our front door guys. The road down to the venue is for trader access only.

Floorplans will be up tomorrow, so stay tuned, and run ever with the pack.

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