Cosplay Competition


The Cosplay Masquerade is a showcase of costume-making talent and performance, and as an ever popular feature of the convention will return for the 2016 show. All details of the show can be found below, with submission for placement taking place over the con weekend.

Best Costume
o Criteria:
– Costumes must be made mostly by the entrant. Accuracy, attention to detail and craftsmanship
will be looked at.

Best Performance
o Criteria
– Performances will be judged based on how well the entrant portrays their chosen character, how
engaging the entrants performance is and how well the performance is received by the audience and

Best Prop
o Criteria
– The prop must be made by the entrant. Accuracy, attention to detail and construction will be
looked at.

Best First Time Cosplayer
o Criteria
– This category is for entrants who have never cosplayed or made their own costume before. In this
category judges will look at both costume and performance to see the potential of new cosplayers.

Best Overall
o Criteria:
– For this category everything will be looked at. Both the applicants costume and performance will
be judged based on the same criteria described above.

One entry covers all categories. Entrants are eligible for ALL of the applicable categories.


The following are the rules that will be used for Brocon 2015 regarding costumes and props.

1. Group entries are limited to a maximum of five people, who must all be from the same published

2. The maximum allowed stage time is 1 minute.

3. Costumes must be based from a published or broadcast source that has been commercially
licensed. Original characters, or designs based on derivative works will not be judged.

4. Only self-made costumes and props will be judged for the Best Overall, Best Costume and the Best
Prop prizes.

5. All costumes must adhere to the guidelines as laid out in the Costume Policy, and all props must
adhere to the guidelines as laid out in the Props and Weapons Policy. These policies are to ensure
that everyone enjoys the convention experience and is safe while doing so.

6. All material brought onto the stage must be brought off immediately after performance without
causing any undue delay. For safety reasons, items such as food, lasers, flash paper, lighters,
confetti, rose petals, water, and other small messy objects are strictly forbidden from the stage area.

Costume Policy

1. No costume is no costume. No clothing is no clothing. Nudity is not permitted.

2. Offensive and/or revealing clothing (including costumes) is prohibited. All clothing (or costumes)
must be tasteful and appropriate for a general audience. Appropriate undergarments must be worn.
Ineffective underwear or a lack thereof constitutes indecent exposure, per Section 18 of the Criminal
Law Amendment Act, 1935.

3. Suitable footwear must be worn at all times within the convention centre. No bare feet. No
rollerblades, skates, skateboards, scooters, “heelies”, or any form of bladed or wheeled footwear.
These may be used as props for costumes, but may not be worn within the convention centre.

4. Signs or other materials that can be interpreted as solicitation or panhandling are not permitted –
except those considered an established part of a costume. This applies to all types of signs and
objects affixed to attendees. Any signs found in breach of this rule may be confiscated by convention

5. No real equipment of any military unit in existence after 1900 is permitted. This especially applies
to any Irish Armed Forces camouflage trousers, jackets, modern helmets and equipment; per Section
264 of the Defence Act, 1954.

6. No individual may be directly or indirectly connected to another person – this applies to chains,
leashes, ropes, or anything else that limits mobility.

Props and Weapons Policy

This policy is in effect in order to keep a safe and fun environment for all attendees, committee,
volunteers and guests. We would request that everyone abide by the rules outlined in this policy.
Most props are permitted, however we request that attendees exercise caution and discretion with
their props.

1. If a prop/weapon is not permitted, you must immediately return it to a safe location – for
example, your vehicle or accommodation.

2. All props must be able to fit though a normal-sized door unhindered and without assistance.

3. All props must not be so large as to be over-encumberable.

4. All props must be able to be carried by a single person.

5. Anyone found to be misusing props/weapons (horseplay, duelling, fighting, running/swinging,
brandishing threateningly etc.) will have the prop/weapon confiscated, and may be removed from
the convention centre.

Prohibited Props/Weapon

Real firearms – Working, replica, disabled, or otherwise.

Projectile weapons – BB guns, pellet guns, cap guns, paintball markers, crossbows, dart guns,
blowguns, slingshots, tasers.
*Exceptions are made for airsoft weaponry, please see below.

Live steel – Knives, swords, bayonets, daggers, switchblades, axes, skuriken, kunai.
*Bokken, shinai and other forms of wooden/bamboo practice swords are permitted.

Blunt weapons – Batons, clubs, paddles, nunchaku.

Liquid weapons – Water pistols, water guns, water balloons.

Explosives – Fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers, stun grenades, smoke bombs.

Chemical weapons – Tear gas, pepper spray.

Laser devices – Laser pointers, laser-aiming devices.

Other – Weapons prohibited in Ireland under the 1964 Firearms Act.
*Anyone found in possession of a prohibited weapon will be reported to An Garda Siochána.

Signs not considered an established part of a costume.
*An example of a sign considered part of a costume would be the sign carried by Genma the Panda
from Ranma ½.

Chalkboards or whiteboards.

Airsoft Weaponry

We would like to inform attendees that airsoft weaponry have been legal in Ireland since 2006
following an amendment to the 1964 Firearms Act. Air guns are legal provided that the device’s
muzzle energy is less than or equal to one joule. In order to maintain the peace and for the safety
and reassurance of attendees, committee, volunteers and guests, we have implemented these
restrictions on airsoft weaponry:

• Spring-loaded airsoft weaponry is not permitted.
• All loaded and carried magazines must be empty and de-gassed; and no airsoft pellets may be
carried on your person.
• The weapon’s chamber must be clear.
• The weapon’s battery must be removed.
• An orange tip must be in place on the weapon’s barrel, or the weapon must feature brightly
coloured markings or other apparatus.