Bring it, buy it

MatsFinalHi all,

Just under 48hrs away and I would like to address the details for this year’s Bring and Buy. Any item can be entered so as long as it is an item that could be legally sold in stores here. You can enter as many items as you would like so as long as they don’t take up excessive space, and it is free of charge. You may also set your own charge for items. At the end of the day or weekend you may check in the see if you item sold and collect your money. It’s that simple, so get together your hand-me-downs and see what has some value.

Also, many of you will have seen our mascot by now (he’s on our timetable and above), and while he looks great, and still has no name. We will be running a suggestion box competition over the course of the weekend to decide on a name. At the end of the weekend we will pick the name that we like the most and will give the author a prize. Please be tactful and appropriate; this is a family friendly event.

It’s almost here, and it’s happening.

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