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4 days left to pre-reg

Yes that’s right folks, pre-registration shall end soon, Monday at midnight to be specific. So that gives ye this weekend for any last minute pre-registration to save yourself some money, get yourself a nice T-shirt and ensure that picking up your passes and shirt is a nice smooth process.

Also in 4 days time is the deadline for any GMs who want to run an rpg to send in their blurbs. The rpg page of the site shall be updated at some point the day after so ye can check out what games are happening this year. Another update to come next week so in the meantime have a great weekend, especially those of ye going to Q-Con up in Belfast! 😀

Later days,
– Neal “Bubbles” MacConmhara

A long awaited update & BroDay announcement

Hey everybody,

I am glad to say that I am finally going to update ye all with stuff that we intended to update you on a while back but couldn’t do it properly due to technical difficulties which have thankfully been taken care of thanks to the help of our good hardworking friends.

Moving on! What should I put first hmm…

Firstly, we are proud to announce that the lovely DestinyBlue shall be returning to do drawings, panels, smiling, etc. It was fantastic having her over last year and this year shall be no different.




Check out her latest works of artsy shtuff on her deviant art page HERE

Also returning we have Diamanda Hagan from

Last year she was an attendee and a cool one at that, fun to talk to and all that good stuff so this year we saw it fitting to invite her back this year as a guest! Diamanda is a film critic who reviews the strange and obscure. So expect some interesting panels coming our way. Give a few of her videos and reviews a look HERE

More guest news to come in future guys so bare with us ;D

Next up, I must tell you about our upcoming event on the 13th of April, BroDay! If you can’t wait until July for BroCon, or trying to decide whether or not to go to BroCon, well this is your chance to experience the convention early and get an idea of what to expect 🙂
It’s only for a day so there is no need for accommodation nonsense, you’ll get the opportunity to pre-reg with us in person and get our even cheaper prices without the need for paypal and stuff! In addition to those perks there shall be many games, screenings, console tournaments, card game tournaments and also, cosplayers are of course welcome ^^

Also it’s free entry! Can’t go wrong. We will be charging for tournaments though to help cover expenses.

Now, back when I originally tried to do this update I promised that if the facebook post had enough ‘likes’ on it I would throw up the T-shirt design for BroCon 2013 so yeah, since ye gave me more than enough ‘likes’ I must keep to my word so that ye shall receive, hope you all like!
BroCon2013 T-shirt



Last thing i’m gonna mention is that we are looking for some more RPGs and LARPs to enjoy at the convention so please, send in your blurbs to

All GMs getting half price entry into the convention, free entry if they do 2 or more games.

That’s all for now! Later Days!

-Neal “Bubbles” MacConmhara

Post Eirtakon update: Spotlight, staff & RPG call

So, here’s what’s been going on…

After a great weekend of terrific cosplays and lolz at Eirtakon last weekend, not to mention the equally good times had at Gaelcon a few weeks before that, we can now look forward to the next con, AKUMAKON!

…but we have some work to do before that since you can expect some big announcements from us at Akumakon in NUIG Jan 18th – 20th. Not much to say in relation to us other than that for the time being but it’s been a while since out last update so it’s only right to put up something… hmm… SPOTLIGHT!

Our good friends at GamerRules have taken on a couple of new peoples recently and one of them have done a pretty sweet review of Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box which you can watch here:

Next up, like I said before, Eirtakon was an awesome weekend, the biggest Eirtakon to date actually if I recall correctly so major kudos to the hard working staff, committee and con-director Shannon Walsh for doing such a great job! Well done guys! If you missed out on it you can check out the closing ceremony where a few of us Bros got up on stage with our charming personalities, an inflatable d20 and a fair bit of load noises along with the other great cons around Ireland to tell the wonderful attendees about ourselves. Check it out here:

Let’s see what else… Oh! We want to thank for printing our awesome new flyers that some of you may have seen lying around Dublin recently ^^ Galway, you are next 😛

Speaking of which, Akuma Day is almost upon us. Come join us in the Aras Na Mac Leinn on the NUI Galway campus in Galway city. We are gonna bring the thunder with some guitar playings! Wanna make any song requests tweet us @ulbrocon or just post on the BroCon Bros facebook!

Our staff officer Jim is also starting his overly dramatic hunt for staffers to join the noble Bro ranks for BroCon 2013 so if you are interested be sure to drop him line. Remember, there are some cool perks to helping out on the BroCon weekend. Email him at this address:

One last thing, any GameMasters/DungeonMasters looking to run an RPG or LARP for BroCon feel free to drop me a blurb or two. Any GM who provides 2 games or more gets free entry to BroCon. Just email your blurbs to:

That’s all for now anyways, hope you all have a great apocalypse Christmas and well shall give another update soon enough either after Akuma day or Akumakon or even Warpcon. Love ye all!

Later Days!
– Neal “Bubbles” MacConmhara

2013 dates confirmed

Good news! We have our dates booked and we are excited to announce that BroCon 2013 shall be taking place July 12th to the 14th and of course it shall be again bigger and better. We have learned many useful things about running a con over the past year and we are learning from our mistakes.

Also many many thanks to everyone who attended BroCon last July and those of you who couldn’t attend but wanted to, it means a lot to us and thus drives us to improve in anyway we can.

Be prepared, many more updates to come. Many plans for this year, new ideas and even more enthusiasm than ever before! To keep yourself in the loop easier why not add us on Facebook ( and/or follow us on Twitter (

And with that I shall leave ya and wish ye all an awesome Halloween!

Later Days,
-Neal “Bubbles” MacConmhara

My my… aren’t we popular?

It’s not much but I feel it’s well worth sharing. Seems peoples have been promoting us.

The Irishman from Aussieirishman youtube  channel. They do fun let’s plays here:

Enough said *nods*

Diamanda Hagan who will be making an appearance at our con. Check out some of her reviews here:

Well said *nods*

The GamerRules guys are up to something for BroCon and want to get ye curious… it’s working for me anyway. Visit their site here:

…um… o_0

We are looking forward to seeing all of ye this weekend! 😀

Later Days,
-Neal “Bubbles” MacConmhara

Firebending Werewolf Ninjas playing Munchkin!

Hey all,

A few updates for ya here now that BroCon draws ever closer.

First up, we have a treat happening this Sunday for you in front of the BroCon entrance. Local fire talent Eoin Walsh will be performing some fantastic firebending awesomeness for ye. And here is the best bit, he’ll be cosplaying as Zuko from Avatar: Legend of Aang to help make the experience truly memorable.
Zuko from Avatar: Legend of Aang

We also plan to have a few games of Werewolf, up to 18 players and is great fun. Probably the most fun one can have sitting in a circle. Will you be a werewolf taking victims night after night or will you be a hunter or a simple villager? Note, we will be adding our own special roles so be sure to check them out and see how interesting and potentially fatal it can be 😉

Next, as some of you may or may not have already known, BroCon will be having a massive ninja tournament! Think you are the swiftest ninja out there? Or just looking for something fun to do? Check it out and see what you can do! 😀

And for you fellow ninjas who want to look the part, or just want to justify buying our awesome BroCon t-shirts:

And finally, our friends from the Men In Black, representatives of Steve Jackson Games, are running a Munchkin tournament for ye to take part in to see who is the ultimate Munchkin! Defeat monsters, loot the rooms and stab your fellow Munchkin in the back.

More updates tomorrow so keep an eye out!

Later days!
-Neal “Bubbles” MacConmhara

GamerRules BroCon 2012 Promotion video

We got together with a few of our panelists for BroCon 2012 recently so we could  throw together a quick informative and entertaining video for you guys so ye can have at least s vague idea of where everything is this year. It was very fun to do and we hope you all enjoy it and so does everybody at GamerRules who will be doing panels on both Saturday & Sunday during BroCon.

Amazing Artist DestinyBlue Confirmed As Guest

Good news everybody, especially you anime fans!

This year at BroCon we have the honour of having Alice de Ste Croix aka DestinyBlue from as our lovely and talented guest.

DestinyBlue is a full time anime artist who travels all over the UK exhibiting, teaching, and drawing. Her artwork is often emotive, and has touched thousands of people with it’s themes of loss, love and hope.


DestinyBlue has run numerous workshops on drawing manga, including demonstration videos for Kuretake UK Kurecolour Markers, and ‘how to draw’ classes for the BBC. She will be hosting two workshops at Brocon, ‘Drawing Anime: The basics and Beyond’ and “Character Creation: Drawing Role Playing Characters” She is looking forward to coming over to Ireland and sharing her skills with the Brocon attendees!

She will also be happy to sell some of her terrific prints, take commissions and just be a pleasure to chat to. So yes! A lot to look forward to 🙂

Later Days!

AMV Competition

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. My name is Pauline Kenneally and I’m this year’s BroCon Screening’s Officer! I can’t wait to get to meet everyone and to show great anime at this year’s convention in July.

I’m quite aware that not everyone is on Facebook and, for those of you who aren’t or who don’t check it out too often, I’m here to update you on what’s been happening, on my side of things at least! At the moment we are in the process of deciding whether or not to run an AMV competition. From the feedback we’ve been getting on FB, with a few of you who are coming definitely making AMVs, the prospects of running one are looking all the better.

What is an AMV? For those of you who do not know, an AMV or ‘Animated Music Video’ is exactly what it says it is. Clips of anime, the same anime or different anime, are cut and edited to match music. They can be themed e.g. horror, comedy etc or they can be just random. The person with the best AMV wins, the better the editing is and the better the song matches the anime, the better your chances of winning, so it’s well worth putting the effort into it.

I would love to get many more entrants though, so that there’s a good selection of videos for people to watch during the competition and hey, make one and you’re in with a chance to win great prizes right? Awesome! So now that you know that there’s prizes, because let’s face it, everyone loves prizes, here’s what to do if you’re interested. If you’re on the FB page then you can comment on my post there or, if you’re more traditional, send me an e-mail at You can e-mail me questions, queries or, if you’ve completed an AMV send it to me.

Thanks for reading and I’m hoping to update you once we’ve finalised numbers but, at this stage, it’s nearly guaranteed that we’ll run the competition. Looking forward to seeing you all and be on the look out here and on the Facebook page for future updates about the con!

Pauline Kenneally
BroCon 2012 Screenings Officer

Artist Alley

Hey all,

Due to Dara having to leave the committee so he can concentrate on his college work we need to get info of the artists from other cons and other things in general who have shown interested in bringing their awesome work to BroCon 2012 for all of ye to enjoy and buy then enjoy even more for ever and ever and ever… and ever and then the next tuesday.

So yes, artists please email us at so we can get it all sorted and thus make sure all your questions are answered 🙂

Everyone else, if you know an artist who might be interested, get them to email us too, we’d ove to hear from them 😀

More updates coming soon as things progress… and there is a lot of progress ^^

Later Days
-Neal “Bubbles” MacConmhara
BroCon 2012 P.R.O/RPGs/LARPs