Artist Alley

Hey all,

Due to Dara having to leave the committee so he can concentrate on his college work we need to get info of the artists from other cons and other things in general who have shown interested in bringing their awesome work to BroCon 2012 for all of ye to enjoy and buy then enjoy even more for ever and ever and ever… and ever and then the next tuesday.

So yes, artists please email us at so we can get it all sorted and thus make sure all your questions are answered 🙂

Everyone else, if you know an artist who might be interested, get them to email us too, we’d ove to hear from them 😀

More updates coming soon as things progress… and there is a lot of progress ^^

Later Days
-Neal “Bubbles” MacConmhara
BroCon 2012 P.R.O/RPGs/LARPs

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