A Web of Trading

Hi everyone,

It’s been awhile since we have put out some new content for the website, and we are working on a brand new look as we speak that is almost ready to go live. We are back however with some big news; submissions for the artist alley and trade hall are now open!

As usual, there is limited space in our hall, so if you would like a spot please go to the respective page below and get your forms to fill out. All instructions are on the pages listed.


For those unsure as to which sort of stall they should apply for, the simple break down is that the artist ally is for those who sell their own craft and trade, while the trade hall application is for shops and vendors selling merchandise etc. Simply put, if you did not create any of the goods you are selling, you are part of the traders hall, while anything else is artist alley. Do not worry however, as the artist alley will be located once again in the trade hall itself. We can tell you now in advance that the trade hall will be opened this year from 3-6pm on Friday July 8th, 9.30-6 on Saturday July 9th, and 10.00-5.30 on Sunday July 10th. These times are subject to change but such changes will be informed immediately.

As mentioned above, there is limited space so don’t delay on applying, with the deadline being June 3rd. And stay tuned further, as submissions for RPGs and Panels will be opening shortly also, not to mention ticket sales and accommodation. The convention countdown is officially underway!

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