May the 4th be with you – again

X-wing_SWGTCGI may have made that joke last year, but in the spirit of keeping with a positive precedent, we are happy to announce this year’s X-Wing tournament for BroCon. After last year’s successful debut at the con X-Wing will return on the Sunday of the event this year for an even bigger tournament.

So whether you fly for the glory of the Empire, the terror of the Rebel scum, of the simple coin of the more Villainous in the galaxy, get in the cockpit and gear up the drives and play X-Wing at BroCon! All event details can be found at our X-Wing page here.

Stay tuned to the site and Facebook for more regular event updates over the coming weeks and we draw close to the big day.

Masquerading your Events

Hi all,

It’s been a long run with the site, but we are glad to say that it is now 100% fully up to date. While the details of individual events are still being determined by various parties, a taste of what events are planned and definitely taking place can be found on their respective pages.

Don’t worry if you don’t see something you were hoping for; this does not rule it out, it just means it isn’t in planning yet.

And while the likes of the LAN, CCGs, and consoles have gotten a sizeable overhaul to their sections (find them from the header bar above), the full rules for this year’s cosplay masquerade are now in the Cosplay section under Events and Guests. If you are interested in entering, please read these thoroughly and get planning. It’s going to be great.

Talking the talk, for a good cause

As is every year at BroCon, one huge attraction are the host of great panels that take place. Some of you may be wondering what this has to do with you? “Surely only special guests give panels”, I hear you say. There you would be incorrect, however. While all of our guests will be partaking in several panels over the weekend, we need you to take up the mantle and finish the roster. Yes, everyone is eligible to present a panel at BroCon.

That’s not to say everyone gets a spot however. There are only so many days and so much time within those days, and so submitting ASAP is advised. Doing so is simple. Just follow the link here, and follow the instructions. Please don’t delay as we have some submissions already, and there is only so much space left.

And while we are talking about guests and panels; our special guests Pixi Styxx and War Panda will be teaming up for a panel this year to help in their raising money for charity. Be sure to check it out and donate for a worthy cause folks; this is what it’s all about!

And we’re back!

Just an update to say, “hey, look here, the site is working again.” Apologies for any inconveniences caused. New content and competition details inbound.

A spoonful of sugar

Hi all,

The sun is shining today, which puts one in a good mood. And you know what BroCon does in a good mood? Announces more guests. So presenting to you now for the first time at BroCon, well known Irish cosplayer Pixi Styxx.

pixie styxx finalPixi Styxx forms half of our cosplay guest duet for this year, and will be bringing a lot to the table. Some awesome costumes and panels are abound, you don’t want to miss this.

Black and White

Hi all,

So the site has had some issues the last few days, however things seem to be solidly fixed now, and so we are ready to make our next guest announcement right here. Now if you have been on FaceBook you may have seen this already, however you can never publicise enough and so without further ado I am proud to announce that War Panda Cosplay will be attending BroCon this year.

war panda finalWar Panda is well known on the Irish cosplay scene, and she will be cosplaying it up with all of you guys at this year’s event. Along side the panels and workshops War Panda may run this year, she will also be raising money for the ISPCA, a worthy cause that is well worth the donation, so play nice, and come to BroCon 2015 to see War Panda in action.

Another guest announcement is right around the corner folks…


Hi guys,

Just got a call to say the pre-reg. buttons were not working previously. Apologies for anyone that tried to pre-reg. and could not. The buttons have been fixed now, so please don’t forget to pre-reg., and apologies again for the inconvenience.

Next time on…

BrOccasion is done and was a huge success. Thank you to all that came and made it awesome. This of course means that pre-reg. and accommodation are on sale so get them while they are hot.

One of the biggest attractions at BrOccasion was the guest presentation, and for it, our guest of honour sent a video to introduce himself to you guys. Those who were there yesterday got to see it, and now we are putting it here for the world to see. I will let him take over from here.

Kyle Hebert, best known for Gohan in Dragonball Z and Ryu in Street Fighter will of course be at BroCon this year. Kyle has a lot planned for you guys, so it is sure to be an awesome year.

Return at BrOccasion

We may not have written to you in awhile, but we haven’t forgotten anyone, and we hope you haven’t forgotten us.

BrOccasion is firmly under way and  buzzing. That also means that pre-registration is now open. Head over to tickets to get yours.

The show goes on

Just putting a post out there to wish Nom Con a successful weekend and to our guys there to enjoy the weekend. It’s going to be great.